I created this blog to document (or blabber about) my life, pass on what I’ve learned, and just share my thoughts and ideas.


My name is Irina (which isn’t Russian, contrary to popular belief. Romania ftw). I’m currently a sophomore in college trying to figure out where I’m going while keeping true to myself but also not disappointing my parents.

I write for my school paper, help organize a statewide education campaign, and am afraid of driving on the highway.

I love reading and writing, sitcoms, clothing, the Midwest (shoutout Milwaukee), goulash, Jaden Smith, and, always, the liberal agenda.

the life experiences of a college student with definitely not enough free time


Learning how to navigate college has been something I have stressed over often, enjoyed sometimes, but freaked out over rarely. As the oldest sister and child of immigrants, I’ve had to figure out a lot of things on my own. On this blog, you can find all the things I’ve learned about school and careers in the exact way I’d tell my little sister. The playing field might unfortunately not be even for all of us, but I hope this might help give someone a slight head start.


I’ve always aimed to live deliberately, trying to understand who I am and who that person is in relation to the rest of the world. Each day, I learn more and more about who I want to be, and I’m hoping that on this blog I can promote the same type of lifestyle I want to create for myself through challenging capitalist standards of consumerism and materialism.


My primary major in college is Political Science. So, naturally, I have a lot of opinions about almost anything. Not everything I write will be about politics (in fact, I think a lot of my political writing won’t be opinionated at all), so you can expect to find anything from my thoughts on standardized testing to fashion trends to what I think the best zoo animals are (otters, obviously).


Leave it to a college sophomore political science major to think she’s ready and qualified to teach others about today’s political climate. Trust me, I realize there is still a lot to learn, but I also would feel wrong not speaking up and out about today’s biggest issues. I think we all have a responsibility to keep educated about what is affecting others in our country and around the globe because, for a lot of people, it’s not “just politics.” Even if it’s in a very small way, I hope I can change that narrative just a little.

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